For our kick off this Wednesday afternoon (CEST), or early morning (PT), or evening (IST), or wherever you are around the world, we want you to be ready and prepared to make the most of this year’s FOSS Backstage.

FOSS Backstage will take place in Venuless. You will find your joining instructions for accessing the online conference space in the email confirming your ticket purchase.


Once you have joined FOSS Backstage and set up your account you will be able to see a list of the locations where FOSS Backstage takes place. This year we have two stages, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, named after the areas in Berlin where previous editions of FOSS Backstage took place. Each stage has a chat bar on the right hand side where you can ask questions.

For each stage there is a break out room where you can meet after talks to chat with the speakers and other attendees. Think of it as you place to ask more in depth or informal questions after the Q&A.

As well as breakout rooms for each stage there is a workshop space where more hands on workshops will take place as well as as UX clinic which will take place on Friday afternoon, you can find more details about the UX clinic here.

Networking and socialising

As well as the chat bar on the main stages and the breakout rooms there are a few other ways to network and socialise. In the menu bar on the right side you will find a Network tab. Here you can search for other attendees and message them through Venueless, you can also have videocalls this way.

For socialising we will be using Spatial Chat, a group video chat that lets you move around the virtual space and join conversations. The closer you move to people in the space the louder they become, chat in a group or move away to have more private conversations. You can find out more about spatial chat here.

If you have any questions we will be on had to help you out. Look for us in the Networking tab, team members will have [Admin] in front of our names, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

See you online!