As it becomes increasingly mainstream, OSS reaches out to conventional decision makers who are far from free software advocates. These business managers expect more than code, they expect a product. Not all open source projects are global stars of the software world. For the majority of outsider open source projects, the challenge is to align with the experience and expectations that conventional decision makers have developed in dealing with well established commercial proprietary software vendors. To address this challenge and provide guidance to both developers and decision makers, we, at OW2, have endeavored to develop an Open Source Market Readiness Index. At OW2 we are convinced this tool must be collaboratively designed, built and maintained by those who will use it, the open source market participants and, in the first place, leaders, contributors and users of open source projects. As we started working on it as a transparent and open process we learned some valuable lessons and discovered unexpected challenges. After a quick introduction to the concept and the methodology this talk is a progress report and a presentation of a workable Market Readiness Scale that will undoubtedly raise questions and invite feedbacks.