Have questions about design and open source? This is the right place to come!
What does UX even mean? How can I improve the usability of our OSS for the people that use it but also contribute to it? Want to ask about what the community of designers have worked on before and get some tips on how you might do that for your OSS project? or maybe you're looking to increase design contribution to your OSS and want to ask for support.
If you have questions about how design, ux, ui and visuals can be improved in the OSS projects you're part of then come along to the UX clinic with your questions, OSS projects, logos, graphics and UI and get advice and support from the open source design community.
We make the UX clinic as accessible as possible and try to help you in a non-jargon way as possible. We'll run an open room as well as 1-2-1 sessions for deeper questions about design and OSS. 
FOSS Backstage 2021