Open Source Software has become the “de facto” standard in many industries, and with the popularization of collaboration platforms such as GitHub we have seen a big rise of newcomers and even enterprises getting involved and contributing their projects to Open Source. However, properly open sourcing a project requires you to have a good understanding of multiple areas such as software license, community building, public Ci infrastructure, etc. In this talk, we will go over a practical guide to take your project open source: we will explore how a software license influences what can be done with your project, we will dive into dependencies and license compatibilities, as well as share some best practices to help your project attract contributors and how to accept 3rd party contributions in a way that your projects can continue to perform open source releases as well as be incorporated into enterprise products and/or services. We will also touch a little on existing open source foundations and their process to accept new projects (e.g. Apache Incubator, Jupyter Incubator, Eclipse, etc)