Open Source Program Office

Company goals around using, consuming, contributing to and maintaining open source software (OSS) projects are usually related to market positioning, required upstream features development, and talent attraction or retention. Well-organized
OSS efforts are managed by an Open Source Programs Office (OSPO). To achieve these goals and respond to increasingly specific requests from the OSS community and ecosystems, OSPO teams need to organize and combine a number of data sources, analyze information faster, and deliver more insightful analysis from several channels. A right metric strategy, enables OSPOs to understand OS community ecosystems, relationships between projects and guide investment decisions.

At the end of OSPO Metrics Workshop, you will learn:

  • What OSPO managers are, what are their roles, and why do they matter?
  • What an OSPO Data-Driven manager does when it comes to OSPO measurement and performance.
  • A set of various OSPO metrics and how to start building your own metrics strategy goal-question-metric approach.
  • A comprehensive set of tools that OSPO Data-Driven managers can use to track their OSS ecosystem to achieve their goals.

This workshop is presented by Bitergia.

FOSS Backstage 2021