We all wish for the up and coming young generation to get thoroughly and completely immersed in the world of FOSS. They should eat, drink and breath it to become good and loyal members of the community.

But... many of them do not even know that FOSS exists. Their eyes never leave the smartphone screens and they dream of Microsoft Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Apple iPhone and Xbox. So how do we enlighten them? How to we let the everloving glow of FOSS reach in to their dark and dreary lives?

As a teacher in Web development for students who aim to become engineers ("Gymnasieingenjör i Mjukvaruutveckling"), I teach them how modern software development is steeped in FOSS philosophy and try to show them all the posibilitys that rise from the community.  This is a short insight in how FOSS can (and should) be a big part of secondary education in Sweden.


FOSS Backstage 2021