Public Money, Public Code… but what are the best practices for public sector bodies to release new projects or share their own projects as FOSS? Why is it not "easy-peasy" (it certainly should be a "no-brainer")? Public sector bodies usually don’t have the staff with FOSS skills (certainly at management level, although they increasingly have developers who do, and are keen to embrace FOSS), they don’t have the time, and it is not a priority… even if there is a legal mandate. Two veteran open source lawyers present their experience in working with two public sector projects in the UK and Spain respectively, for publicly sharing code, with two totally different approaches looking for short term wins and long term sustainability. Governance? Contributions? Community Principles? High level inter-administration agreements? IP Management? Resources and funding? Navigating internal management?

You name, we have … no answers but maybe some hints that will help you work with local governments for freeing up public code. 


FOSS Backstage 2021
Prenzlauer Berg