Which features should your application have? One way is asking what features users want. But doing this, one learns nothing about why users want that feature. This easily leads to unintegrated functionality, incoherent purpose of your application and more code to maintain. 

An alternative to asking what users want is to find out how they work, what they know and what motivated them to focus not on features but on needs. 

This workshop introduces a method for researching and documenting workflows together with users. It is a method which makes the data recording transparent and participatory and leads to relatively easy data analysis and communication. 

With the knowledge, decisions can be taken based on sharable data and merits.

Read about the method at: https://fordes.de/posts/participatoryDesign-workflow-co-documentation.html 

The created material, the analysis and resulting reports can be seen at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:WikidataCon_2017_-_Share_and_document_workflows_to_improve_Wikidata%27s_use_experience

Palais Workshop