Red Hat; Jenkins; phpList; NGinx; Nextcloud; Mautic; openNMS; GitLab; Collabora.

These companies have one thing in common: they are operating an open source business model. A variety of models, from charging for consulting and support to providing additional enterprise functionality in a separate edition or hosting their own software for a fee.

Each of these models has its advantages and disadvantages and we'll present those quickly, moving on then to a discussion about what works in what situation, what issues there are and what could be done better. Sharing experiences and ideas and perhaps coming up with novel solutions!

If you're part of, advising to, thinking about starting or transitioning to an organization with an open source business model, this is a good place to put your challenges to a group of peers.

Some things we'd like to discuss:

  • What does and doesn't work in what situation or market
  • What are common challenges and solutions
  • When should you use open source and when not

See you there!