High availability of data across geographic regions for search and analytical applications is a challenging task. Mission critical applications need effective failover strategies across data centers. Apache Solr offers Cross Data Center Replication (CDCR) as a feature from 6.0 and has added more features in subsequent releases. The first part of session will center on an active-passive design model with one data-center as the primary and other data-centers as secondary clusters. The second design model centers on designing an active-active bidirectional setup such that both querying and indexing traffic can gracefully be redirected to the failover cluster. The third part of session will center on an actual use case: An analytics application with high availability. We will discuss the improvements observed in terms of maintenance, performance, and throughput. The session concludes with challenges and/or limitations in the current design and what improvements are forthcoming for Cross Data Center Replication in Apache Solr.


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