Open Source and Trusting the Water

Remember when you were learning to swim and it was hard to imagine that the water would ever support you? Even though you saw others swimming and the swimming teachers told you what to do? It seemed like an endless battle and for a while you just couldn't swim. No matter how hard you tried it just didn't work! Why? Because learning to swim involves having to let go of a part of yourself and your fears, and to have confidence that the water will support you. Being in open source is a bit like that. People have ideas and opinions about how it should be, talk about how it all works but to really be part of it you need to let go and “trust the water”. In this presentation Sharan talks about what it means to dive into open source, swim around and have confidence in your source community to help and support you.

Sharan Foga is an independent consultant who has over 20 years experience in the IT industry working on the delivery and implementation of ERP and business systems. She has been involved with the ASF since 2008 and is involved with Apache OFBiz and also Apache Community development. She enjoys working on open source community management and presented at conferences in Europe and the US.