Frank Karlitschek to keynote 3rd #FOSSBack day

We are happy to announce that Frank Karlitschek will give a keynote at FOSS Backstage 2021. Frank is a long time open source contributor. In 2010 Frank founded ownCloud, and then Nextcloud in 2016 to create a fully open source and decentralized alternative to big centralized cloud companies. Frank was an invited expert at the W3C to help to create the ActivityPub standard. Furthermore, he is a fellow of Open Forum Europe and an advisor to the United Nations.

In his keynote Frank will cover different GPL and Free Software business models and speak about how Digital Sovereignty can be protected with free software. He will also provide insights into the GAIA-X project and how European governments leverage free software to become more independent from the big IT giants in the US and China.

We are looking forward to Frank's keynote!

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Photo: cc-by 2.0 FOSSASIA Team