FOSS Backstage in Focus - OSPO

Whether you think OSPOs are the best things since sliced bread, or you have just started hearing people use the term (it stands for Open Source Program Office, in case you were wondering), FOSS Backstage 2021 has got you covered.

Danese Cooper set up one of the first ever OSPOs in Sun Microsystems. At this year’s FOSS Backstage Danese will give an update on OSPO trends, explore how public sector OSPOs can differ from corporate OSPOs, and share how OSPOs can enable global collaboration to scale impact, and achieve public policy goals.

Amanda Casari and Julia Ferraioli from Google’s Open Source Program Office discuss the metrics they use to to make sure that the community around open source projects are nurtured. In their talk Preventing Random Acts of Metrics they will share what they have learned in Google's Open Source Programs Office about open source data, metrics, and tracking change in open source ecosystems.

Miguel Diez Blanco Head of Open Source Programme Office at the European Commission will also be joining us as FOSS Backstage to share the open source practices and initiatives being put in place at European Commission, including the implementation of the new Open Source Strategy.

What are the risks and rewards of Open Source projects being controlled by neutral foundations rather than a single company? Dawn Foster Director of Open Source Community Strategy at the vmware OSPO will give some practical advice about whether people should contribute their projects to neutral foundations, how and when to do it, how to select a foundation, how to contribute to and maintain your project, and much more.

As we look to further build institutions in the Open Source movement  through OSPOs, how are the cultures of Open Source collaboration  maintained? How do we create new Open Source institutions where the  unique cultures of government, industry, and academia can converge on  sustainable Open Source collaborations? Join us for a panel of experts  to explore their experiences and insights on open source culture between  institutions. See all the great panelists here.

The right metric strategy, enables OSPOs to understand Open Source community ecosystems, the relationships between projects and better guide investment decisions. To get a more in depth look at OSPO metrics join the workshop hosted by Bitergia and presented by Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente. In this workshop you will learn:

    What OSPO managers are, what are their roles, and why do they matter?

    What an OSPO Data-Driven manager does when it comes to OSPO measurement and performance.

    A set of various OSPO metrics and how to start building your own metrics strategy goal-question-metric approach.

    A comprehensive set of tools that OSPO Data-Driven managers can use to track their OSS ecosystem to achieve their goals.

All about OSPO is just one of the streams of great talks running through FOSS Backstage. Get your ticket for FOSS Backstage here: