FOSS Backstage in Focus - InnerSource

FOSS Backstage in Focus - InnerSource

We are really excited to have a host of talks at FOSS Backstage on InnerSource from some of the leaders in the field. We think these talks have something for everyone, from those just beginning their InnerSource journey to those looking to optimize their established InnerSource Projects. This is from just one of the many streams of great talks running through FOSS Backstage. Get your ticket for FOSS Backstage here

Daniel Izquierdo - InnerSource 101

In this session, you will learn about what InnerSource is, the types of problems where InnerSource can help, the types of benefits you can expect to see by participating, and the underlying principles that make it all work.
It will also briefly cover the global trends relating to InnerSource and an introduction to the InnerSource Commons community.

Russ Rutledge - Opt-in InnerSource at Scale

InnerSource is a fantastic way to collaborate and produce software. Join Russ Rutledge, Director of Community and InnerSource at Nike, as he explores how Nike’s culture of “Just Do It” impacts their approach to InnerSource. Russ will share their collaboration maturity model that gives a “glide path” towards InnerSource and the rules they use to introduce and incentivise new behaviours for broad adoption.  

Wolfgang Gehring - The FOSS Manifesto at Daimler TSS

Investing in Open Source Software means to go beyond simply using it – it means to become an active member of the Open Source community. But how do we get there as a whole IT company? We decided that if we are going to take Open Source seriously, this needs to become deeply ingrained in the company’s and its employees’ “DNA” and in the way in which we create software.

This is why and how we created the TSS FOSS Manifesto. The Manifesto is a set of guidelines which send our employees on their Open Source mission while having the company back them up. It is now a key pillar in how we become part of the Open Source movement, and we thus would like to share it with the rest of the world.In this talk, I want to present our Manifesto, the therein contained principles to drive forward the cultural change at Daimler TSS (and actually, perhaps all of Daimler), and their importance for modern IT companies.

Danese Cooper - 5 Years On - Lessons Learned from Building InnerSource Commons

The InnerSource Commons is a community of InnerSource practitioners who have come together with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge about InnerSource. Join Danese Cooper, Founder and President of InnerSource Commons, in a look-back on 5 years of the Commons. This session will explore the origins of InnerSource Commons community, the principles at play in forming the community and the lessons learned along the way. Come along to learn some best practices and some pitfalls to avoid when building successful, enduring communities.  

InnerSource - Panel Discussion

In our closing session, join our four expert speakers as they discuss the patterns that have emerged from companies in the industry charting their course to InnerSource.