FOSS Backstage in Focus - Asynchronous collaboration

Asynchronous Collaboration

This year FOSS Backstage will take place entirely online for the first time. Figuring out how to put together a conference where speakers and attendees are on different continents and in different timezones has been a challenge. A challenge made more difficult by the fact that we, as team organizers, have been working from home for the past 10 months.

This year the topic of asynchronous collaboration has been thrust into the spotlight, and we have a whole host of talks on all of its aspects to help you to work together better. This is definitely a topic that the FOSS Backstage organizing team will be keeping an eye on.

What are some of the different models for asynchronous collaboration? And how might they be applied to your projects?

Join Bertrand Delacretaz as he digs into the analogies between moving house and more complex projects where people are working remotely. Bertrand’s talk will help both managers and group members better understand how to collaborate remotely and how avoid traps like "reproducing office life remotely".

The Turing Way is a community-driven OS book project that involves and supports a diverse research community. Malvika Sharan will discuss the importance of collaborative development, documentation and sharing best practices. Malvika will show you how this project ensures that reproducible, collaborative, ethical and inclusive data research is "too easy not to do".

Creating the right atmosphere in your distributed team is crucial to members feeling valued and being productive. Franklin Ohaegbulam will share some of his experience and give you some great advice for creating an atmosphere that respects diversity, increases engagement, encourages open communication, and fosters accountability among all participants.

Monica Sarbu has a wealth of experience building and leading globally distributed teams of paid engineers working on open source projects. In her talk at FOSS Backstage Monica will highlight some important things she has learned though this work, including learning the value of mentorship for encouraging and growing diverse talent.

How can code help you to collaborate? What is public code? Why is there a need for a Standard for Public Code? Eric Herman will introduce you to the The Standard for Public Code and give examples to show that it is not that hard to create genuinely reusable code, and inspire collaboration across public organizations.

All this is from just one of the many streams of great talks running through FOSS Backstage. Get your ticket for FOSS Backstage here