Shane is the founder of Punderthings℠ LLC consultancy, helping organizations find better ways to engage with the critical open source projects that power modern technology and business.  He blogs and tweets about open source governance and trademark issues, and has spoken at major technology conferences like ApacheCon, OSCON, All Things Open, Community Leadership Summit, and Ignite.

Shane is serving a seventh term as an elected Director of the ASF, providing governance oversight, community mentoring, and fiscal review for all Apache projects.  Previously, he served eight years as Vice President of Brand Management for the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a Delaware 501C3 non-profit public charity.  He wrote the trademark and branding policies that cover all 200+ Apache® projects, including assisting projects with defining and policing their trademarks, as well as negotiating agreements with various software vendors using Apache software brands.  

Otherwise, Shane is: a father and husband, a BMW driver, and punny guy. Oh, and we have cats. Follow @ShaneCurcuru and read and