Marton Elek
Lead Developer Engineer

Marton Elek has close to two decades of experience developing, architecting and implementing various type of software solutions. During this years he worked with almost all the form of Java application from low-latency modular application to big enterprise integration projects. But he believes that familiarity with multiple programming languages could help to find the best solution for a given problem, so he has also big interest in other functional and non-functional languages and different type of containerization techniques.  

Recently he is working with Hadoop/Spark based solutions as Lead Developer Engineer at Hortonworks. He is contributor in the Apache Ratis project which is a highly cusomizable Raft protocol implementation for Java projects. He is also contributor for the Hadoop project and worked on different type of containerization for Hadoop with tools like Docker, Nomad or Kubernetes.  

He is founder of the first Hungarian Java User Group and regular speaker on meetups and conferences.