How mentoring projects can help newcomers get started with Open Source

As adoption of Open Source code and development practices continues to gain momentum, more newcomers have become interested in getting involved and contributing to Open Source. However,  it's usually not easy for newcomers to start contributing to open source projects.  This session will discuss how mentoring programs can ease the way for newcomers to get started with open source, and will discuss existing mentoring programs such as Google Summer of Code and our in-house Apache Mentoring Programme.   

Luciano Resende is an Architect at IBM Spark Technology Center. He has been contributing to open source at The ASF for over 10 years, he is a member of ASF and is currently contributing to various big data related Apache projects including Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin, Apache Bahir, Apache Toree and Apache SystemML. Luciano is the project chair for Apache Bahir, and also spend time mentoring newly created Apache Incubator projects. Recently, Luciano has started contributing to Jupyter Ecosystem projects around Enterprise Notebook Platform. At IBM, he contributed to several IBM big data offerings, including BigInsights, IOP and its respective Bluemix Cloud services.