Get Together & Party

Get Together ??

Although the last talks end at 6:30 PM the conversations can continue at our get-together outside the Palais!
There will be drinks and wraps sponsored by Amazon AWS from 6:30 till 8:30 PM.


Happy Birthday newthinking ??

After the get together newthinking is happy to invite all FOSS Backstage participants to it's 15th anniversary!
Starting at 8:30 PM we will celebrate 15 years of activity in various fields at the intersection of digital technologies and society. 15 years, filled with  contributions to open, collaborative and participative systems and processes. Starting with our work computers to the software used for customers and partners, we work with Free Software and Open Source. We organize our events for and with open source communities. Anyone can participate in the Call for Papers. Our program committee evaluates the proposals anonymously via our event system to ensure high quality talks. Conferences, barcamps, hackathons or sprints: Our focus always lies in the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Join newthinking and friends and party with us at Frannz Club, 8:30 PM, it's just around the corner, literally (entrance through the beer garden across the Palais with your FOSS Backstage badge)