Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Open source software is one of the most important inventions of modern world. Sometimes, we create open source software because we believe it makes better world, and that everyone should be able to inspect the code and improve it, a.k.a. contribute back. While this is a very noble goal, business does not care about 'nobility'. What business cares about, is money. Therefore, open source software is usually created because of more down-to-earth reasons, such as (the list is not complete) cutting costs, desperation or... intention to destroy competition. The latter is particularly interesting, only a few companies in the world has learned how to exploit this mechanism properly. I will reveal how open source can be weaponised, and what does it mean for governance and financing.   

Chris has spent the last 12 years in a variety of business roles including compliance, software engineering, quality assurance and software development and thus has broad experience ranging from IT through legal issues to business strategy.  Almost all of that work was related to open-source software. He is a passionate problem solver whilst always keeping a firm eye on the big picture. Chris has a Masters in Computer Science from Poznan University of Technology.