Be a volunteer at #FOSSBack!

Would you love to take part and be involved in the organization of this year's event? FOSS Backstage isn't just the conference program, the passionate and enthusiastic people really make the difference – register as a volunteer and be part of it!

Become a team member for one day!

As a volunteer you become involved in the organization of the event. You will gain insights from behind the scenes. In exchange for 8 hours of volunteering you will get a free ticket for the whole conference including food and drinks and a FOSS Backstage 2018 t-shirt - and of course our eternal gratitude! Do you want to be involved in the organization of this year's #FOSSBack? Send an email to:

Volunteering options in a nutshell

  • build up/break down
  • barcamp
  • accreditation
  • stage Manager

You can join our build up team on Tuesday or our break down team on Thursday if you don't want to miss anything of the conference and don't shy away from physical work. On Wednesday you have the option to support us with the registration and organization of the barcamp. At the accreditation desk you'll be handing out tickets, wrist bands and the printed program. You should be able to communicate well and have solid knowledge of English. 

Stage managers keep an overview of their stage, introduce the speakers for the audience and make sure that all speakers have what they need. Helpers need to have an understanding of stage equipment and be ready to assist our speakers.

Interested? Send an email to: