Asynchronous Decision Making – why and how?

The Asynchronous Decision Making techniques commonly used in open source projects enable efficient remote collaboration, in teams which have no boss, no schedule and often no cultural consistency yet produce world-changing software. These very efficient collaboration techniques can even work without computers and apply to most types of projects, not just software development. This talk describes the key elements and tools of the Asynchronous Decision Making process, based on concrete examples from the Apache Software Foundation and from federated governments, which, interestingly, work in a similar way.

Bertrand Delacretaz works as a Principal Scientist with the Adobe Research team in Basel, Switzerland. He spends a good portion of his time advocating and implementing Open Development as a way to make geographically dispersed teams more efficient and more fun for his coworkers. Bertrand is also an active Member of the Apache Software Foundation, currently (2017-2018) on his ninth term on the Foundation's Board of Directors.