Ant's Community - Looking Back and Current State

Apache Ant was created almost twenty years ago. It's been a large success in its early years and the community grew with it. Today Ant no longer makes headlines - unlike its grandchildren - but is still happily serving its friends, even if the party is smaller now. In this talk Stefan looks back at events inside Ant's community, how they affected the community in the long term, and what other communities may learn from this. He'll also talk about the specific challenges of an aging project.

Stefan Bodewig works as a Senior Consultant at innoQ. Stefan became involved with the Apache Software Foundation in 2000 when he started to send patches for Apache Ant. He was the first release manager of Ant and still regularly contributes to it. He is a member of the ASF, the PMC chairman of Apache Gump and can also be found in the Commons, log4net and Lucene.NET projects. During the incubation of Ivy and Lucene.NET Stefan acted as one of the projects' mentors.